Welcoming A&E Design Firms and Facility Managers

The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) Board of Directors has approved two new categories for membership: A&E Design Firms and Facility Managers while redefining the Designer category to be for independent designers with more than two people.

“AFSA offers education and technical support for our industry like no other, and the training opportunities through classroom, webinars, hands-on, and other modes are ever-growing,” says AFSA Regional Director of Membership & Chapter Support Dominick Kasmauskas, CFPS. “It is growing because more categories of professionals are embracing not only the fire sprinkler concept but also that layout, plans examination, and installation is only the beginning of the story, not the end. It is the life of the building, life of the system, and ITM that is often the lesser conversation and that needs to change wherever it is occurring.”

Membership Category Changes

“A&E Design Firm” will include those larger A&E firms with multiple staff performing water-based fire protection systems, design, and engineering. These firms will be expected to pay dues based on their volume of water-based fire protection systems design work, as it applies to the membership dues structure. (See Table 1 on page 35.) The rates will be based on the same structure as Associate and Contractor members. The current “Designer” membership category will now be for independent designers with no more than two people on staff. Annual dues will be $500.

“‘Design,’ consulting firms, and their fire protection professionals are seeking where to get answers to lessen their contact hours in codes and standards documents (not to mention local laws, but I did),” states Kasmauskas. “Two places for answers—participating in AFSA training and using your AFSA Technical Services benefit saves many staff hours of researching the gray areas of codes and standards. Participating in training plus participating in your AFSA chapter will also simplify finding CEUs, PDHs, and CPDs.”

A new individual category, “Facility Manager,” will also be added to include those property managers and facility people who manage their onsite systems. Annual dues will be $250.

“Facility managers, for the most part, have been very diligent in seeking training,” notes Kasmauskas. “With this new individual category, AFSA has made it much easier for facility managers to find training opportunities, obtain expert technical services, and access the membership department when seeking assistance in state or local issues.”


These additional categories are intended to invite more people to participate in AFSA’s training programs and SprinklerFORUM, an email distribution list that facilitates the exchange of information, promotes discussion, and addresses current issues concerning automatic fire sprinklers. These new member categories will also help increase our collective knowledge base by opening the door to more participation with end users and engineering firms.

Benefits abound for these new members, including the following:
• Technical Resources – Access to Technical Reviews, which are written interpretations available from the AFSA Engineering & Technical Services Department, on any subject related to automatic fire sprinklers; weekly Tech Update e-newsletters; and monthly ITM Connection e-newsletters.
• Education – Updates and latest changes to industry codes, standards, and practices through a variety of options, including correspondence courses, hands-on classes, traveling seminars, live and on-demand webinars, and online training.
• Sprinkler Continuing Education Courses – Member discounts on any of the courses, including fire sprinkler system layout, fire safety, management, and more.
• Information – AFSA is the premier source for valuable and timely industry information through Sprinkler Age magazine and several e-newsletters.
• Access – Exclusive members-only access to a wealth of resources on the AFSA website, including a membership directory.
• Networking – Actively participate in the Association through local chapters, committees, educational opportunities, and the convention.
• Annual Convention – AFSA holds the largest fire sprinkler industry exhibition in North America and presents a wide variety of industry-related business and technical seminars.
• Legislation – AFSA is a source of information on legislative activities throughout the nation, and we serve as a clearing house for information and statistics that could help promote fire sprinklers in your local area.
• Public Relations/Industry Promotion – AFSA works within the industry and the media to promote fire safety and an awareness of the value of fire sprinklers in saving lives and property.

Finally, as an AFSA member, you will receive a discount on all products and services, including technical reference products, seminars, training courses, and convention registration. AFSA members also receive an exclusive members-only discount on NFPA standards.

Building Relationships with AHJs

As a reminder, municipal Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) category members are invited to join AFSA at zero cost. AHJs enjoy the same benefits as designer and facility manager members, with a valuable addition—AHJs are invited to attend AFSA’s annual convention and receive a complimentary day of seminars, including fire sprinkler plan review and other topics specifically catered to them. After the seminars, AHJs are given a free exhibit hall pass to tour the latest products and services in the fire sprinkler industry.

Join Today!

Don’t delay the benefits you can reap today. Membership in AFSA can pay for itself with all the discounts and savings offered. Members have reported that one Technical Review has saved enough money to pay for their annual dues! For more information or to join AFSA, visit or email

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