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Have You Joined the SprinklerForum?

Email Discussion List is a Technical Resource for the Fire Sprinkler Industry

Email discussion groups have become a popular way to ask questions, exchange ideas, and gather people with similar interests. Nearly 25 years ago, the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) introduced its SprinklerFORUM to the fire sprinkler industry to join together industry professionals from across the globe to discuss issues relating to automatic fire sprinklers. With discussions running the gamut, it is the go-to place for questions and issues you have concerning fire sprinklers.

“You never know what the next post will be. A simple look-up question to a topic that is not addressed by the standard or something more in-depth,” states AFSA’s Vice President of Engineering & Technical Services John August Denhardt, P.E., FSFPE, who monitors and posts to the list. “My favorite type of post is the post which challenges the ‘experts.’ Many of these posts become discussions or public inputs to the NFPA standards process.”

AFSA’s SprinklerFORUM invites anyone interested in fire sprinklers and related issues to subscribe. The purpose of this free listserv is to facilitate the exchange of information, promote discussion, and address current issues concerning automatic fire sprinklers. This list is not just a forum for AFSA members—questions posed on this list may be answered by AFSA staff, fellow industry professionals, members of NFPA technical committees, professional engineers, Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), or all of the above. That’s the nature of the group. If you have a question, post it! If you have an answer, post it! Posting helps promote healthy discussion and exchange of ideas.

“The SprinklerFORUM is the fastest and easiest way to have a productive exchange of ideas with industry associates,” comments Steve Leyton, president of Protection, Design & Consulting in San Diego. “Considering the depth of knowledge and hundreds of years of collective experience of its members, the group offers the broadest spectrum of advice that I’ve found in the industry—it’s like having a one-click consulting group that’s always available. I am proud have been one of the first registered users.”

Over 750 participants have signed up for the technical discussions on AFSA’s SprinklerFORUM. They post technical questions and answers related to the fire sprinkler industry and codes and standards, provide helpful advice to those who can benefit from their experience and skills, and are a part of a community of subscribers just like themselves.

The average number of questions/topics per month is in the high ‘20s with an average of 130 posts per month. In addition, active participation in the forum may count for NICET/NFPA certification and Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).

Ron Greenman, executive director of the AFSA Pacific Northwest Chapter, and faculty member at Bates Technical College states, “The SprinklerForum is my go-to when I have a fire protection question, as well as the place where I find answers to questions I haven’t thought to ask. Some of the best minds in the industry are available for casual exchanges of ideas, civil discussion, and to answer specific questions.” 

There are a few rules governing the forum. The forum isn’t a place to discuss pricing issues as doing so can be construed as a violation of anti-trust laws, and the forum cannot be used to solicit employment or to advertise for open positions. AFSA’s Sprinkler-
FORUM should not be used to promote yourself or your company or solicit business. Discussion should be kept to the technical topics posted and please respect your follow subscribers and be cordial.

Read every post or simply receive a digest of the day’s discussions—it’s up to you. Join the conversations, share your technical knowledge, make new business contacts and friends, and learn from others in the industry—visit and sign up today.

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