Introducing AFSA’s Two NEW Three Day Training Courses!

New Training Courses Focus on ITM and Hydraulic Calculations

American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) is excited to announce the addition of two new three-day training courses!

The new courses being offered include an NFPA 25 Hands-On ITM 3-Day Training, offered in October and again in December, and a 3-Day Hydraulic Calculations Training, offered in November. Both of these courses will offer unique opportunities to learn directly from experts in the industry on both of these subjects. Additionally, both courses are approved for credit by the Florida Fire Safety Board.

Two courses are currently scheduled for 2021 and are now open for registration by clicking the links in the schedule below!

Curious about the courses?
NFPA 25 Hands-On ITM 3-Day Training
December 1 – 3 in Davie, FL

This class will provide a 3-day hands-on review of the inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) requirements for sprinkler systems, standpipe systems, fire pumps, and common components for water-based fire protection systems. Half of the class will involve a classroom-based review and the other half will include hands-on demonstrations and practice.

Specific hands-on tests include main drain test; valve status test; dry system trip test; preaction/deluge trip test; resetting dry and preaction/deluge valves; weekly, monthly, and annual fire pump tests; and air supplies (air compressors and nitrogen generators). Learn more and register for October or December.

3-Day Hydraulic Calculations Training
November 3 – 5 in Davie, FL

At the conclusion of this class, the attendee will be able to understand and apply the principles of hydraulics including the different types of pressure, calculating changes in pressure (elevation and friction loss), and node analysis. The student will also be able to apply factors for equivalent length adjustments based on pipe type, size, and system arrangement.

Using the principles of hydraulics, the students will be able to select a remote area, perform hand calculations for tree systems, and identify and understand the different sections of the detailed hydraulic worksheet and where to place the appropriate system information. This module will provide a thorough understanding of the processes behind the various hydraulic calculation software used in the industry. Examples of hydraulic calculations for sprinklers, standpipes, and underground systems will be provided with a hands-on approach. After completing the lecture portion of the class, students will be able to apply their new knowledge to appropriately layout a sprinkler system and perform hand calculations. After performing manual calculations, the student will be able to utilize computer-based calculation software to demonstrate the impact of choices on system characteristics and determine how it affects system demand and performance. Learn more and register for November.

Not an AFSA member but want to attend for member prices? Currently, AFSA is offering a 6-month trial to contractors and 12-month trial membership for municipal AHJs. Visit to learn more and register for your trial membership with AFSA!

More details on all courses are available on our website, and all dates can be viewed by visiting the events page at

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