AFSA Manager of ITM Technical Training John Johnson, CFPS teaching ITM students about types of systems and their components.

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Are you looking to expand your services and grow your business? AFSA’s Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (ITM) Inspector Development Program can help you develop that aspect of your company! Graduates of AFSA’s ITM program lead the way and outperform national average exam scores on both NICET Level I and Level II I&T exams. Test results show that AFSA students have a 91-percent NICET exam pass rate versus the national average of 63 percent! The program is facilitated by AFSA’s Manager of ITM Technical Training John T. Johnson, CFPS, who has worked in the fire protection and fire suppression industries for over 30 years.

Professionalize the role of your inspection team with AFSA’s comprehensive 20-month program that provides a blended learning environment teamed with a robust curriculum created by top industry leaders. The program is a high-impact, dynamic program that strives to treat every student like a VIP through its variety of teaching methods. The program professionalizes the role of the inspector, providing:

• a blend of on-demand, live webinar, and in-person instruction;
• a guided on-the-job training (OJT) learning plan; and
• classroom, fire training lab, mock walk-thru exercises, and NICET prep.

Registration is currently open for AFSA’s Fall 2021 class, which will virtually launch on October 26. The first six months of the program are also conducted online. Class size is limited to 20 students and open exclusively to AFSA members until six weeks before the first class, so early registration is encouraged! AFSA has set up a new installment plan for its members, divided into four payments: The enrollment fee of $1,250 is due at sign-up. Then three equal payments of $1,000 each are due every six months. For more information or to register, visit

“AFSA’s ITM Inspector Development Program goes beyond just teaching the knowledge to pass a test,” states AFSA Director of Education Services Leslie Clounts, “it also delivers professional development and training in customer service and technical skill.”

AFSA was the first to offer an industry-wide ITM Inspector Development Program. The program, which launched its first group in 2016, prepares candidates for NICET’s Level II certification exams for inspection and testing of water-based systems in less than two years. 

Coaching by our accomplished AFSA staff and industry experts empowers students to thrive inside and outside the classroom. Its small class size allows instruction to be tailored to individual interests, strengths, and needs. The program, divided into seven modules, is comprised of a series of lessons that cover a particular topic within the scope of that module. Modules included are Core Curriculum—Introduction to the Trade; NICET Level I and II Exam Preparation; Fire Protection Systems and Inspection/ Testing Procedures; Water Supplies and Fire Pumps; Advanced Inspection and Testing Procedures; Inspection and Testing Review and Field Work. Visit for more details.

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