In December 2017, four AFSA contractor members met with AFSA Manager of Chapter Relations Kevin Korenthal and took the official first step by signing a letter of intent to start the AFSA Colorado Chapter. Representatives from Brick Wall Fire Sprinkler, LLC; Total Fire Protection West; Mountain States Fire Protection, Inc.; and Platte Valley Fire Protection were in attendance.

AFSA Announces New Colorado Chapter

AFSA Members Band Together in the Centennial State

Adding strength to numbers, the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA), the nation’s leading fire sprinkler industry group, is pleased to announce the recent formation of its Colorado Chapter. In December 2017, four AFSA contractor members took the official first step by signing a letter of intent to start a chapter, and in May 2018, its newly elected board officially joined the national trade group as its 27th official chapter.

“The new Colorado Chapter of AFSA came out of the gates fast by taking on a number of legislative priorities and scheduling its first four-hour NFPA training seminar in October,” says AFSA’s Manager of Chapter Relations Kevin Korenthal. “We’re incredibly happy about how this board came together and are looking forward to great things from them.”

The newly elected officers include: Chair Roger Wallace, Brickwall Fire; Vice-Chair Marvin Heath, Central Fire Protection Contractors, Inc.; Executive Director Kim Cook, Globe; Secretary Alexis Sakells, Victory Fire Protection; Treasurer Jim Lei, Rapid Fire Protection; Membership Chair Kelly Murphy, Asurio; and NextGen Representative Stewart Garrett, Total Fire Protection.

“We are hoping to provide a means of communication and support for current AFSA members and potential newbies working in the State of Colorado, who may be considering the AFSA as a resource for the development and improvements to their organizations,” says Wallace. “The chapter is off to a strong start and we hope to improve the communication between chapter members and the local Authorities Having Jurisdiction.”

Current efforts are focused in the center of the state in Denver, but chapter leaders are hoping to engage the rest of the state at its October 25 meeting, including a board meeting; NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems, seminar; and NextGen networking event. For additional details, visit the chapter website Those interested in joining the Colorado Chapter should contact Executive Director Kim Cook at

AFSA is a non-profit association representing fire sprinkler contractors. The association is dedicated to the educational advancement of its members and promotion of the use of automatic fire sprinkler systems. AFSA was organized in 1981 to provide the merit shop fire sprinkler contractor with training, consulting, communication, representation, and many more services, all of which have expanded over its existence. Membership is open to contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, designers, and authorities having jurisdiction. Currently, AFSA represents companies and individuals across the United States and throughout the world. To find your local AFSA chapter or to learn more, visit

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