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National Campus Fire Safety Month Turns 13

National Campus Fire Safety Month

National Campus Fire Safety Month brings together schools and communities to teach college students about fire safety. This September, the initiative turns 13. Every September, education programs are held across the country to teach students about their role in fire safety – how to choose fire-safe housing, whether it is on- or off-campus; how to prevent a …

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NFPA Awards Home Fire Sprinkler Grants

NFPA Awards Home Fire

Creative Ideas Help Foster Awareness and Acceptance In 2015, a Maryland delegate introduced legislation to weaken the statewide requirement to fire sprinkler Maryland’s new homes. Knowing this technology can significantly reduce fire deaths and injuries at home, the fire service there immediately cringed. Word of the bill spread, as did …

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Hollywood Thinks They All Go Off at Once!

Hollywood Thinks

Fire Sprinkler Misrepresentations in the Media It seems that everyone who works in the fire sprinkler industry inevitably develops a very specific pet peeve: the blatant misrepresentation of fire sprinklers in the media. Think about it. Can you remember the last time you saw fire sprinklers all go off at …

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