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American Automatic Sprinkler Celebrated 50 Years

In January 2017, American Automatic Sprinkler celebrated its golden anniversary. The Fort Worth, Texas-based fire sprinkler contractor founded by C.B. Hall, who served as AFSA’s second chairman from 1982 to 1983, has been actively involved in AFSA’s training and education initiatives since its founding in 1981.

Haws & Garrett, a general construction company in Fort Worth, received a bid to remodel the prestigious Colonial Country Club’s cart barn in January 1967. Long-time Colonial member Charlie Haws, who was asked to serve as the project manager, was getting very high estimates for the sprinkler portion of the job, so he called his plumber C.B. Hall, a founding member of the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA), and together they opened the American Automatic Sprinkler Company.

“C.B. put in $500, Ken Garrett put in $250, and Charlie Haws put in $250, and their first job was Colonial Country Club. And $1,000 was the only capital that has been put into the company in 50 years,” recounts Willie Templin, who in 1973 was hired by Hall to run the new sprinkler company.

Willie Templin, who chaired AFSA from 1985 to 1987 and was awarded the 2011 Henry S. Parmelee award, now serves an advisor to American Automatic Sprinkler Company, following a 2015 management transition to his son Todd Templin, who serves as AAS’ current president.

Over its 50-year history, AAS grew into one of the largest merit-shop fire protection contractors in Texas, with branches in Fort Worth and San Antonio. The firm’s notable area projects include the 1,400,000 ft2 Texas Rangers Ball Park in Arlington, Pier 1 Import’s 444,000 ft2 corporate headquarters in Fort Worth, and the 37-acre campus of Radio Shack, including a 244,000 ft2 corporate headquarter building.

American Automatic Sprinkler installs and services automatic fire sprinklers, fire alarm and preaction releasing alarm systems, FM-200, NOVEC-1230, and other clean agents, fire-fighting foam, and portable fire extinguishers. Visit

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