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Third-Party Design Firms

Avoiding the Pitfalls “Hire another company to design a project for me that we will be installing? Are you nuts?” These were my first thoughts as a contractor on the idea of hiring someone to help us with our design needs when we were busy. At that time, however, I …

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Low Flow Attic System Design

A New Scope for Roofs with Slope Combustible concealed attics have always been a difficult area for the fire sprinkler industry to adequately protect. Adding to this difficulty is the public perception of failure by automatic fire sprinkler systems when a fire burns unchecked through an NFPA 13R, Standard for …

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Fire Sprinkler Design

What’s the Building Owner Got to Do with It? So, there I was opening up a set of construction documents to begin a new fire sprinkler design for a new building being built. Knowing the area, I quickly identified the location and the associated jurisdiction I would be dealing with. …

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