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NFPA 13, 2019 Edition Quiz

Test Your Knowledge

With the 2019 edition of NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems, already being adopted in several jurisdictions, find out how much you know about the changes between the 2016 and 2019 editions with our quick quiz. Make copies of this page and share it with others! Answers appear on page 60 of this issue. But no peeking in advance! 

1. ESFR sprinklers have a minimum K-factor of _________.

a. K-5.6
b. K-8.0
c. K-11.2
d. K-14.0

2. _________ sprinklers shall be used only in wet pipe systems unless specifically listed for use in dry systems or preaction systems.

b. Extended Coverage
c. Residential

3.True or False? ESFR sprinklers shall not be used in obstructed construction.

4. What is required to space ESFR sprinklers closer than 8-ft apart?

a. A baffle between the sprinklers
b. A solid structural member
c. ESFR sprinklers minimum spacing requirement is 6 ft
d. Not allowed

5. For sway bracing assemblies, the listed load rating should include a minimum safety factor of __ against the ultimate break strength of the brace components and then be further reduced according to the brace angles.

a. 2.2
b. 3.0
c. 1.5
d. 1.0

6. When using the density/area design method for extra hazard occupancies, quick-response sprinklers are allowed to be used __________ .

a. When listed for use in extra hazard occupancies
b. When allowed by the AHJ
c. All of the above
d. Never

7. The RTI of a Quick-Response sprinkler is ___ (meter-second)1/2 or less.

a. 25
b. 50
c. 75
d. None of the above

8. The RTI of a standard response sprinkler is ___ (meter-second)1/2 or more.

a. 50
b. 60
c. 70
d. 80

9. All aboveground piping and attached appurtenances subjected to system working pressure shall be hydrostatically tested at 200 psi (14 bar) and shall maintain that pressure _____ for two hours.

a. at gauge pressure of +2.5 psi
b. at gauge pressure of +5 psi
c. at gauge pressure of +10 psi
d. without loss

10. When are sidewall sprinklers allowed to be installed closer than 4 ft from light fixtures or similar obstructions?

a. For obstructions such as light fixtures where the greatest dimension of the obstruction is less than 2 ft (0.6 m), sidewall sprinklers shall be permitted to be installed at a minimum distance of three times the greatest dimension.
b. The bottom of light fixtures and similar obstructions located less than 4 ft (1.2 m) from the sprinkler shall be above the plane of the sprinkler deflector.
c. Either a or b.
d. Not allowed.

How’d You Do? Check this blog’s post “NFPA 13, 2019 Edition Quiz Answers: Answers and Explanations” for answers to this quiz. Let others in your office “test their knowledge,” and see who scored highest!

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