M/S Council Elects

M/S Council Elects New Members

An Exemplary Committee Grows Even Stronger

Debbie Bien
Debbie Bien

The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) Manufacturers/Suppliers (M/S) Council recently made a few changes to its membership. Mike Dooley of FlexHead Industries in Holliston, Massachusetts was re-elected to serve a three-year term, and Ray Fremont, Jr. of General Air Products, Inc. in Exton, Pennsylvania will replace Debbie Bien of Quality Fabrication & Supply in Sanford, Florida. Bien was elected to the M/S Council in 1996, and is the only woman to have ever served on the Council. After serving 20 successful years on the Council, Bien is stepping down in December of 2016.

“I have had the true honor of serving on the M/S Council for 20 years,” says Bien. “I have so enjoyed the networking with my fellow suppliers and manufacturers – relationships I will never forget. I will truly miss my involvement with AFSA; my committee work, my relationships, the conventions and the fact that this industry is just the best – saving lives and property!”

Ray Fremont, Jr. is more than thrilled to be stepping onto the M/S Council. “It’s an honor for me to be elected to the M/S Council,” says Fremont. “General Air Products has been a member of AFSA since the early 1980s. We fully recognize the important place this council holds in the industry. I hope, with the experience I’ve had, to be able contribute in a very positive way.”

The M/S Council is comprised of both appointed and elected representatives. Each appointed individual device manufacturing company that holds AFSA membership at level A-6 or above is allowed one seat, with the representative to be appointed by the individual company. There are seven elected representatives, and persons serving in these positions may represent any supplier or manufacturer company that includes, but is not limited to, suppliers, other manufacturers, or manufacturer’s representatives as long as the company is an AFSA member in good standing.

The Council, established in 1983, is a national council representing member companies who produce fire sprinkler system components and supply materials and services to the industry. The M/S Council was created to represent the interests of all associate members that make and supply products in the industry, and assist AFSA’s Board of Directors in meeting the goals of AFSA.

The chairman of the M/S Council, Tim Freiner of Potter Electric Signal Company in St. Louis, Missouri, is excited for the changes that are coming to the council next year. “The commitment of the members has been tremendous and I couldn’t be more appreciative of their hard work,” says Freiner. “In particular, I would like to congratulate Mike Dooley of FlexHead on his re-election and welcome newly elected Ray Fremont, Jr. of General Air Products.

Freiner continues: “On behalf of the M/S Council, I would also like to congratulate Debbie Bien of Quality Fabrication on her retirement and thank her for her 20 years of service and dedication to the AFSA. Debbie has been a great colleague and an absolute joy to work with. She will be missed!”

The 2016/2017 M/S Council members are: Chairman Tim Freiner of Potter Electric Signal Company, St. Louis, Missouri; Vice Chairman Randy Lane of Globe Fire Sprinkler Corporation, Standish, Michigan; Derek Allen of HD Supply Fire Protection, Hayward, California; Mike Bosma of The Viking Corporation, Hastings, Michigan; Luke Connery of Tyco Building & Fire Products, Gem Sprinkler Company, Cranston, Rhode Island; Mike Dooley of Flexhead Industries, Holliston, Massachusetts; Michael Fee of Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Elmsford, New York; Chuck Kitts of System Sensor, Lansdale, Pennsylvania; Michael Mottice of Tyco Building & Fire Products, Lansdale, Pennsylvania; Bill Phair of Ferguson Fire & Fabrication, Passaic, New Jersey; Ray Fremont, Jr. of General Air Products, Inc., Exton, Pennsylvania; Phil Schechinger of Anvil International, Exeter, New Jersey; Chris Stason of Victaulic Company, Temecula, California; and Joe Tieman of Tyco Building & Fire Products, Central Sprinkler Company, Hillard, Ohio.

All association members are encouraged to contact M/S Council representatives if they have any questions or ideas about activities of the AFSA. If you are interested in becoming more involved with AFSA, the M/S Council greatly encourages you to do so! Consider investing in the future of your industry by getting more actively involved. Consider the time and financial commitment required to attend meetings and work on the programs of the Association. Association members interested in serving on the M/S Council, should contact AFSA Senior Director of Convention & Meetings Marlene Garrett, M/S Council staff liaison, at mgarrett@firesprinkler.org or visit firesprinkler.org.

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