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Quality Contractor Recognition Program

What sets apart “good contractors” and “great contractors” is distinguishing your company from the competition. That’s why the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) created the Quality Contractor (QC) Recognition Program, which allows contractor members to be recognized for their effort in growing companies that produce quality work by providing a work environment that promotes excellence and responsibility in all its employees. 

“We live in a competitive world, and successful fire sprinkler contractors must find ways to differentiate themselves, other than pricing, to ensure long-term success,” says AFSA President Bob Caputo, CFPS. “AFSA’s Quality Contractor Recognition program can provide one way to show your firm has established and follows the processes and procedures that lead to on-time delivery of quality workmanship and products for your customers and local AHJs to see. This recognized badge is your promise to deliver and, when followed up with action, drives a reputation of commitment both internally and externally that leads to sustainable repeat business opportunities, ensuring success through the ups and downs of economic cycles. AFSA leads the way with training support and recognition for our members!”

The QC program was launched in 2010 to publicly recognize and honor fire sprinkler contracting firms that have documented their commitment to corporate responsibility. A company that meets the criteria set forth in the program is formally designated a “Quality Contractor” by AFSA.

Program Details

Before applying for AFSA QC recognition, a company must demonstrate a written safety policy, a current and active training program, and a minimum of three continuous years of AFSA membership. Points are given in four key areas of corporate responsibility: safety, training, quality of life (employee benefits), and industry and community relations. The recognition remains in effect for three years from the date the recognition is awarded.

After qualifying for the program, companies can expect to see an improvement in company morale and productivity. There’s measurable proof that your company has met the highest standards in the industry. You’ll have the ability to market yourself to general contractors and building owners with high impact.

“The program has been beneficial to us from a marketing and a recognition standpoint,” says AFSA At-Large Director Parks Moore, P.E., president of S&S Sprinkler, Inc., Mobile, Alabama. “It has definitely been worth the process, and I would recommend it to other contractors.”

Contractors who achieve this designation enjoy national and local publicity through logo identification in bid documents, on company letterhead, and more. Quality Contractor members may also use the program as a human resources tool by featuring the designation in job advertisements, including it as part of the employee handbook, and using it to develop benchmarks in quality, safety, education, employee benefits, industry image, and community activities.

AFSA’s program is similar to programs developed by other industry trade groups that reward their members who pursue a higher level of professionalism and is not an accreditation or certification program. Your AFSA QC recognition gives you a tangible, marketable asset to grow your business. You can prove you have met the highest industry standards and have been verified by a leading national trade association. For more details and to download a brochure or application form, visit firesprinkler.org and click the “Member Services” tab.

EDITOR’S NOTE: AFSA Quality Contractor recognition does not mean that the business’s products or services have been evaluated or endorsed by AFSA or that AFSA has made a determination as to the business’s product quality or competency in performing services. Businesses are under no obligation to seek AFSA recognition.

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