Cycle 7 students graduated AFSA's ITM Inspector Development Program on November 18, 2021, at General Air Products Fire Sprinkler System Training Center in Exton, Pennsylvania.

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The American Fire Sprinkler Association’s (AFSA) Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (ITM) Inspector Development Program is preparing to kick off its Spring 2021 ITM class virtually on April 12, 2021. 

AFSA is the first to offer an industry-wide ITM Inspector Development Program, which aims to develop “green” or beginner technicians into NICET Level II-equivalent inspectors. With the ever-growing need for a well-trained, well-rounded workforce in mind, AFSA’s ITM program goes far beyond just providing technical training. Led by AFSA Manager of ITM Technical Training John Johnson, CFPS, and other accomplished industry experts, the program’s small class size allows instruction to be tailored to individual students’ interests, strengths, and needs both inside and outside the classroom.

AFSA’s ITM Inspector Development program features a blend of learning tools, environments, and styles that combine to make a highly immersive and comprehensive training package for future inspectors, including on-demand lessons; live webinars; instruction and discussion; on-the-job training (OJT) guidance; instructor support; and two in-person live sessions that include mock field inspections, lab instruction, classroom training, role play, class tours, and NICET I & II exam prep.

Since the program’s inception in 2016, the passing averages for students continues to impress: 93 percent of AFSA students pass their Level I exam, and 91 percent pass the Level II Inspection & Testing exams. All told, AFSA averages a 92-percent pass rate for Level I and Level II exams versus the national average 65-percent rate. 

In addition to the lessons, AFSA offers you guidance every step of the way, starting with candidate selection. AFSA provides the tools to not only help you pick your trainee but to offer unrivaled support of them along the way. AFSA also provides hands-on tools, such as the Contractor Manager Guide, train-the-trainer information, and more that help you establish support for your candidate.

While technical learning is essential to the program, it also includes methods for development of soft skills such as role play to further prepare your inspector for situations they may encounter in the field and how to conduct themselves professionally.

Why Train?

With this program in just 20 months, your inspection team can “hit the ground running” as you start this service within your company or expand your team. Remember that enrolling an inspector can place you ahead of the competition and help prepare you for whatever lies ahead for the economy. In 20 months, your inspection team can be stronger than ever, while others may remain unprepared, having not invested in training. Pairing this ITM Inspector Development Program with proper OJT and supervision will position contractors to educate a “green” inspector in-house.

Professional development through ITM helps your company to be anything but average while also positively contributing to your company’s bottom line through decreased insurance premiums. Offering ITM services can also improve brand image, help retain clients, and sustain lifelong relationships with clients through providing quality service that ensures safety and compliance. When you become a trusted one-stop shop for all client needs, they have little reason to look elsewhere for these services.

Interested in registering a student? Registration is now open for the Spring 2021 class, which will virtually launch April 12. Plus, the first six months of the program is conducted online. Class size is limited, so early registration is encouraged! Find more details and register online at or call AFSA’s Director of Education Services Leslie Clounts at (214) 349-5965 ext. 130.

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