Each issue, AFSA’s Engineering & Technical Services Department presents technical challenges. Besides testing yourself and your co-workers, these exercises are excellent preparation for professional certification tests and also may count as continuing education hours. Check with your certification organization.

Update for 2022—each issue of Sprinkler Age will focus on one set of challenge questions related to the technical theme of that issue. To participate, carefully read through and work the problems. Then check your answer in the next issue. Test your knowledge and that of your co-workers today!

January/February Questions

The following questions are based on NFPA 25, Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, 2020 edition. 

1. Sprinklers manufactured prior to what year requires replacement per NFPA 25?

A. 1920

B. 1915

C. 1900

D. 1945

2. Which chapter in NFPA 25 explains the procedures and frequencies for testing valves on fire protection systems?

A. Chapter 12

B. Chapter 14

C. Chapter 10

D. Chapter 13

3. At what frequency are diesel fire pump fuel tanks required to be tested for water and foreign materials?

A. Monthly

B. Quarterly

C. Semiannually

D. Annually 

4. The following flushing method consists of flowing water from the yard mains, sprinkler risers, feed mains, cross mains, and branch lines, respectively, in the same direction in which water would flow during a fire. What is the flushing method called?

A. The hydraulic method

B. The hydropneumatic method

C. The hydrostatic method

D. The pneumatic method

5. What entity is responsible for correcting or repairing any deficiencies

or impairments?


B. Owner

C. Installing contractor

D. Inspecting contractor


How’d You Do?

Answers to these questions will be posted when the March/April 2022 Technical Challenge questions are posted. Keep your answers and bookmark so you can check your answers soon!

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