BlazeMaster® CPVC – Reliability and Quality You Can Count On

By Lainey Liotta, Manager, North America Fire Protection, Lubrizol Advanced Materials

As a member and strong supporter of AFSA for more than 30 years, BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems looks forward to welcoming you to AFSA38 in booth 508.

Since its introduction in 1984, BlazeMaster CPVC has been the material of choice for many residential, multifamily/hospitality and commercial fire protection systems worldwide. CPVC offers significant advantages over steel pipe such as lower initial cost, ease and safety of installation, and a lower cost of ownership because of better flow rates, no corrosion or pinholes, and reduced maintenance.

BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems was the pioneer in CPVC fire protection, and, as such, we’re often imitated by other CPVC. And while imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, not all orange fire protection pipe and fittings are the same. Differences in manufacturing, material science and chemical processing among CPVC brands means performance and reliability variables. We believe that’s important because, when an emergency occurs, the quality of the CPVC piping in the fire sprinkler system can make all the difference.

What makes BlazeMaster CPVC stand out from the rest? We focus on:

  • Providing quality, consistent CPVC compound that results in superior CPVC piping and fittings
  • Constant testing, proving our rugged product performance and chemical compatibility
  • Offering the best product support, training and backup in the fire protection industry We work with the leading manufacturing partners in the industry, such as Johnson Controls/Tyco® and Viking®. They produce the highest quality materials and fully comply with BlazeMaster CPVC’s Quality Assurance Program. That means that wherever BlazeMaster CPVC pipe and fittings are sold, you’re assured of consistent quality and reliability.

Chemical compatibility testing is another area in which BlazeMaster CPVC leads the industry. Differences in a CPVC compound’s manufacturing, material science and chemical processing mean that the resulting pipe and fitting products may or may not be compatible with all available ancillary construction products such as thread sealers, gasket and gasket lubricants, firestop products or cleaners, to name a few. That’s why we developed the FBCTM System Compatible Program, the industry’s gold standard.

We know of no other brand of CPVC fire protection products goes to the depth and breadth of this program. It takes the guesswork out of the equation and assures the specifier, designer, installer, building owner and authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) that a product added to the FBC System Compatible Program approved products list may be used with confidence. The program also lists products that are not compatible with BlazeMaster CPVC to eliminate guesswork.

We’re often asked if the products approved by the FBC System Compatible Program are automatically approved for use with other CPVC manufacturers’ pipe and fittings. The answer is a resounding “no” due to potential differences in other manufacturers’ CPVC compounds. The third-party testing is performed for compatibility with Lubrizol CPVC products only.

Third-party testing to BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems standards and manufacturing audits must take place before products are approved for the FBC System Compatible Program. No material or manufacturing alterations are allowed, or products must be resubmitted for evaluation.

The FBC System Compatible Program provides easy access to information, with smart device apps and web pages that are updated constantly for easy access in the field.

BlazeMaster CPC is also the most tested CPVC fire protection material available. Testing proves that BlazeMaster CPVC outperforms the leading CPVC competitor when it comes to ASTM F442 burst testing (BlazeMaster CPVC pressure tested at 1,579 psi before burst compared to 1,413 psi for the leading competitor) and ASTM D2444 impact testing (BlazeMaster CPVC had a mean impact strength of 41.4 ft.-lbs. compared to 31.8 ft.-lbs. for the leading competitor). That means that when a fire breaks out and the fire protection system must deliver, you can have faith that your BlazeMaster CPVC system will do so.

BlazeMaster CPVC is the first and only CPVC brand in the fire protection industry to meet ASTM 442 standard CPVC 4120-06, certifying a pressure/temperature rating of 100 psi at 180°F. Every other brand only meets CPVC 4120-05, certifying a pressure/temperature rating of 80 psi at 180°F.

We are also the only CPVC brand to be listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) for:

  • Use in unfinished basements with exposed solid wood joist installations in accordance with NFPA 13D and in exposed system risers in accordance with NFPA 13D and 13R
  • Embedding in concrete with no adverse chemical effect

Finally, BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems makes it easy for you and your workforce to receive fast and reliable installation advice and support. Hands-on training is regularly scheduled at customer locations to support installers, contractors, engineers and construction managers – and online installation training makes it easy for those who can’t attend in person. Tech support is never more than a click away.

Want to learn more about how to pick the RIGHT orange CPVC fire protection system products? Stop by booth 508 and meet our team. We’d love the opportunity to talk with you and help you find a solution to your fire protection needs. See you soon! 

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