Member Alert: CPVC Compatability

AFSA members should be aware that the following products have been found to be incompatible with CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) sprinkler piping. 

As with any piping material, there are certain chemicals that can be detrimental to CPVC. CPVC materials can be damaged by contact with chemicals found in some construction and ancillary products such as thread sealants, antifreeze solutions, fire stop materials, etc. It is important to verify the compatibility of materials we use that come in contact with the CPVC system to ensure long-term performance.

Lubrizol on August 21, 2017, updated its FBC™ System Compatible Program to include several new incompatible products. This update added the following fire-stopping systems to its incompatible list:
• Hilti’s CP506 Smoke and Acoustic Sealant
• No Nonsense Limited’s “No Nonsense Intumescent Acrylic Sealant” Sealant
Everbuild’s EVERBUILD FIRE Fire Mate Sealant C3

Zurich, the global insurer, issued a publication discussing the issues surrounding the CPVC sprinkler pipe failures. Read it here: Zurich CPVC Sprinkler Pipe Failures – May 2017

AFSA recommends its members continue to be aware of the situation and that they confirm the compatibility of all ancillary products with that product’s manufacturer prior to use.
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