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Introducing the Intermediate Fire Sprinkler System Planning School to Bring Designers to the Next Level

The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) is pleased to take designers to the next level with its new Intermediate Fire Sprinkler System Planning School. Experienced layout technicians will gain a deeper understanding of the tools they utilize in the design and installation requirements for general storage, seismic protection layout, and standpipe systems. In this blended-learning class, technicians will size and select fire pumps and apply hydraulic principles to complex wet, deluge, and preaction systems. Seismic protection and sway bracing will also be covered in detail. This school will prepare the student to:
• Classify commodities and storage arrangements.
• Compare installation requirements for storage sprinklers (CMDA, CMSA, and ESFR).
• Select an appropriate fire pump based on available supply and system demand and verify using a computer model.
• Determine the appropriate component, installation, and design requirements for a standpipe system.
• Recognize the components of and prepare shop drawings where seismic protection is required.

How do you take your designers to the next level? With AFSA’s Intermediate Fire Sprinkler System Planning School, designed for competent trainees and technicians with at least one of the following:
• Two years’ system layout experience,
• Completion of AFSA’s Beginning Fire Sprinkler System Planning School and system layout experience of at least one year, or
• NICET Level II certified in Water-Based Systems Layout.

Schools will be offered in May, August, and November of this year with agendas as follows:
• One half-hour orientation via live webinar (takes place the day before the live webinars),
• Two three-hour live webinars (on the Tuesday and Wednesday of the week prior to the in-person instruction), and
• Five days of in-person instruction at AFSA’s Training Center in Dallas (takes place the week after the live webinars).

Alan Johnson with Hydratec, Inc., will co-present this school alongside AFSA’s technical services staff. This combined instruction will allow students to learn more advanced design criteria contained within the codes and standards and then apply it using computer-aided design. Exercises will be utilized throughout. No prior Hydratec or Revit experience is required; however, students should be computer literate.

Registration Now Open

Let AFSA take your designers to the next level! For more information on the Intermediate Fire Sprinkler System Planning School, visit firesprinkler.org/nextlevel or contact AFSA’s Meetings & Events Coordinator Liz Rosemiller via email at liz@firesprinkler.org or phone at (214) 349-5965 ext. 117. Early registration is encouraged

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