Quality Contractor Program

Quality Contractor Recognition Awarded

AFSA Recognizes Mr. Sprinkler Fire Protection

The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) has awarded Quality Contractor recognition to MrMrSprinkler. Sprinkler Fire Protection,
Roseville, California. The Quality Contractor (QC) program was launched to publicly recognize and honor fire sprinkler contracting firms that have documented their commitment in four key areas of corporate responsibility: safety, training, quality of life (employee benefits) and industry and community relations. A company that meets the criteria set forth in the program is formally designated a “Quality Contractor” by AFSA.

“We congratulate and welcome Mr. Sprinkler Fire Protection as a Quality Contractor,” comments AFSA Director of Membership Jeff Livaudais “It’s an achievement worth recognizing when a company makes this commitment to corporate responsibility.”

In addition to national and local recognition and promotion, contractors that receive this designation are allowed to use the QC recognition logo in bid documents, letterhead, business cards, brochures and jobsite signs. Quality Contractor members may also use the program as a human resources tool by featuring the designation in job advertisements, including it as part of the employee handbook and using it to develop benchmarks in quality, safety, education, employee benefits, industry image and community activities. Other benefits include improved company morale and productivity and proof of having met highest industry standards.

The Quality Contractor Recognition Award remains in effect for three years from the date the recognition is awarded.

“Obtaining a designation as a ‘Quality Contractor’ through the American Fire Sprinkler Association is a tribute to a standard of excellence set by the dedicated people who came before us,” comments Jeff Rovegno, president of Mr. Sprinkler Fire Protection. “As an industry and as Americans, we should aspire to meet the challenges ahead with a firm understanding that our virtues and ethics will be the foundation for generations to come. Meeting the Quality Contractor requirements raises that bar and we are honored to be associated with others who share our commitment to excellence.”

AFSA’s QC recognition program is similar to programs developed by other industry trade groups that reward their members who pursue a higher level of professionalism and is not an accreditation or certification program. When you achieve AFSA QC Recognition, your company is no longer just a contractor; your AFSA QC Recognition gives you a tangible, marketable asset to grow your business. You can prove you have met the highest industry standards and have been verified by a leading national trade association. To learn more and to download the QC application, visit firesprinkler.org/qualitycontractor.

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