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As we finish out 2021, we’ve continued to see changing times, changing worksites, and changing health issues that are driving American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) members’ thoughts and concerns to protecting not only themselves but their employees. In order to better serve members and help provide resources to keep up with the changing times, AFSA offers a free online Safety Portal at as a member benefit. This portal was developed in 2017 by the AFSA Safety & Insurance Committee in partnership with Breckenridge Insurance (formerly Blue River Underwriters), an AFSA-endorsed insurance partner. The Safety Portal is a customized safety portal built with the specific needs of fire sprinkler contractors in mind.

The site addresses current issues through Toolbox Talks and links like the live Twitter feeds via the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sites to keep members up-to-date with current rules, regulations, and best practices.

New to the portal? Members can access the portal by logging onto the registration page by visiting using their unique AFSA login name and password, then entering the information it asks for. This includes questions such as, “Are you an AFSA member?” and “What state are you located in?” Then, the page will open for your particular state.

Let’s take a quick tour through some of the most popular website offerings. First, once logged in, look under the “News” section and click on the link called “Click Here” to view a short video on navigating the portal. This offers a tutorial for navigating the website for new users. Next, look at the “Trending Topics.” Or, if you click on “Toolbox Talks,” it links to over 50 talks that relate to fire suppression contractors. 

All in all, the portal is a robust resource that provides over 1,000 references. It aims to address some of the key issues in construction safety today, such as electrical safety, ladder safety, loss control, personal protection, and vehicle safety. The portal combines a mix of print materials, digital offerings, links to live Twitter feeds, and visuals to ensure that there is something for everyone’s preferred learning style and office needs.

This member-only website proactively delivers the accident-prevention and safety-related information members need to educate their staff, help prevent claims, and create a safe work environment. In addition to expanding upon AFSA’s popular Toolbox Talks, a weekly safety series custom-tailored for the fire sprinkler industry, the Safety Portal also provides a wealth of practical resources OSHA, the Department of Labor (DOL), the Center for Construction Research and Training, the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health, the National Safety Council, and many others. 

This safety portal was designed for the fire sprinkler industry and, more specifically, AFSA members. The Safety Portal is an excellent resource to search for specific types of installation involved at your job site and to show general contractors your proactive approach to safety.

This tool,, is for AFSA members, and, remember, it is offered to you at no cost—it is a part of your member benefits. Maximize your membership by taking advantage of all the free resources available online at

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