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FMI Forecasts Continued Growth in Construction

Increase of 5 Percent in 2018 Predicted

FMI Corporation has released its latest construction forecast, the FMI Outlook, in a new streamlined format, designed to improve user experience and access to important data. FMI’s Q3 2017 forecast predicts an increase of 4 percent for total construction put in place for 2017 and an increase of 5 percent in 2018.

The primary growth segments in 2018 are expected to include residential, commercial, lodging, office and manufacturing – all with forecast growth of 5 percent or more. Most other segments are likely to grow roughly with the rate of inflation and may, therefore, be considered stable. Sewage and waste and water supply are the only segments expected to decline in 2018.

The score for the third quarter Non-Residential Construction Index slipped two points to 58.8 but maintains a level of optimism for construction spending in 2018.

Forecasts for some key sectors:

  • Lodging – Up 5 percent for 2017, lodging construction is coming off several years of strong double-digit, year-over-year growth since 2012. Supply is outpacing demand, causing increasing vacancy rates.
  • Office – Up 9 percent for 2017 to $73.4 billion. Still seeing positive growth, but moderating after double-digit gains during the past three years. Slowdown in high-tech development of office space is the primary drawback on forecast growth.
  • Commercial  – Up 10 percent for 2017. Several traditional brick-and-mortar retailers closing stores in large numbers. Continued rise in e-commerce as a percent of retail sales driving demand for warehouse and distribution center construction.

Read the full report online at fminet.com/construction-outlook.

ABOUT FMI: For over 60 years, FMI has been the leading management consulting and investment banking firm dedicated exclusively to engineering and construction, infrastructure and the built environment. FMI serves all sectors of the engineering and construction, infrastructure and built environment industries as a trusted advisor. For more information, visitfminet.com.


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