Essential Social Media Etiquette Techniques

Navigating Your Social Media Presence

With the constant evolution of social media, sometimes it can feel impossible to keep on top of current etiquette and best practices. However, practicing good social media etiquette doesn’t have to be daunting! Instead, utilize these easy beginner social media guidelines to help take the guesswork out of managing your networks.

  1. Choose your networks wisely. 
    It’s always fun to branch out and try new social media as they emerge, but it’s essential to recognize where your audience is and meet them there. For example, on a whole, the fire protection industry prefers Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for interaction and updates. However, you don’t have to start with all three networks. Start with just one and branch out from there as you become more comfortable and have available time. Remember, it’s always better not to have a social media presence if it is forgotten or inactive. Only bite off what you can chew; having one well-managed social media profile is better than having four that aren’t consistently updated!

  2. Complete your social media profile.
    If you’ve started your social media profile but haven’t taken the time to fill in items like the about us section, operating hours, contact information, location, it’s time to do so. Having a complete profile helps connections learn more about your business and how to best get in contact with it. If you have already filled out all the information now is still a great time to take a second look to make sure it’s up-to-date. Social media should help followers connect with the right people, not provide them with bad or outdated information.

  3. Separate your business and personal accounts.
    While it’s acceptable, and even encouraged, to “like” and interact with your business’s posts from your personal account, companies should not be managed through personal pages. Commit to creating a dedicated business page to connect with your audience to eliminate potential confusion and increase your brand visibility.

  4. Post regularly.
    At a minimum, you should strive to post on your business page once to twice a week. Two or three times can help ensure content is updated, engaging, and increase visibility to those following your page. Keeping your social media both updated and active is the best way to stay connected with your audience. At a loss for what to post? If you don’t have any current news of your own, try sharing industry news and tips, or articles relevant to the industry as a way to generate conversation and keep your social media active.

  5. Interact with followers!
    If your followers reach out and interact, interact back! Reply to questions, comments, and concerns promptly, whether they’re public replies or private messages. Use discretion and professionalism when replying as being active and transparent is critical to your social media success.

For more guidance or more social media etiquette tips, please feel free to reach out to AFSA’s communications specialist Rebecca Herring at or by calling 214-349-5965 ext. 134. You can also find past Sprinkler Age articles on social media here.

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