Viking’s state-of-the-art training facility offers new options for durable learning

Viking Group’s new West Michigan headquarters features modern office spaces, advanced R&D facilities, and an impressive training center. 

Like the rest of the building, the training lab spaces are filled with the latest advancements in technology. “The new training facility is a modern high-tech learning environment with two standard classrooms, a collaborative learning classroom, six functional systems labs and a state-of-the-art virtual reality training lab,” says James Lake, Viking’s Vice President of Training and Technical Services. 

These high-tech spaces are part of Viking’s commitment to durable learning, which emphasizes a trainee’s ability to accurately retain and recall information. This often means allowing individuals to learn in a multitude of different ways – from auditory learning platforms like lectures and podcasts to kinesthetic platforms such as hands-on and virtual reality trainings. 

“New Viking courses will focus on creating a durable learning experience through the utilization of standard classroom formats, interactive and collaborative problem solving, functional demonstrations of system operations and full and virtual hands-on interaction with systems with the intent of tapping into various learning preferences,” adds Lake.

In addition to on-site training, Viking offers a variety of online-based training including monthly webinars, product repair and installation videos, and a mobile Valve & System support app with augmented reality features.  

To learn more, attend the AFSA38 session “Creating Multiplatform Training and Technical Services to Promote Durable Learning” and visit Booth #501!

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