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Safety at Your Fingertips

Online Resource is a One-Stop Shop for Safety Needs

Did you know the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) provides an online Safety Portal at, as a free member benefit? This portal was developed in 2017 by the AFSA Safety & Insurance Committee in partnership with Blue River Underwriters, an AFSA-endorsed insurance partner. The Safety Portal is a customized safety portal built with the specific needs of fire sprinkler contractors in mind.

“In addition to AFSA’s Toolbox Talks, there is a wealth of resources from state and national organizations as well as governmental entities. This includes best practices, bulletins, employee handouts, employer programs, infographics, sample forms, and much more. This portal serves as a one-stop shop for our member’s safety needs,” says Bradley Elliott, AFSA director of member services.

With over 140 active users, AFSA’s Safety Portal is a robust resource that provides over 1,000 references. It aims to address some of the key issues in construction safety today such as electrical safety, ladder safety, loss control, personal protection, and vehicle safety. The portal combines a mix of print materials, digital offerings, and visuals to ensure that there is something for everyone’s preferred learning style and office needs.

“The AFSA Safety Portal provides an easy way for our members to get information on accident prevention and safety practices,” says AFSA Region 7 Director and Safety & Insurance Committee Chair Paul DeLorie, Hampshire Fire Protection, Londonderry, New Hampshire. “Members can use this free tool to supplement their company safety program and have a ready resource for researching and implementing the best practices that ensure safe work environments and prevent claims. I especially like the downloadable ToolBox Talks and the ready links to various safety resources.”

This member-only website proactively delivers the accident-prevention and safety-related information members need to educate their staff, help prevent claims, and create a safe work environment. In addition to expanding upon AFSA’s popular Toolbox Talks, a weekly safety series custom tailored for the fire sprinkler industry, the Safety Portal also provides a wealth of practical resources from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Department of Labor (DOL), the Center for Construction Research and Training, the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health, the National Safety Council, and many others.

“At Northeast Fire Protection we use the Day One, Safe One video to do a safety and jobsite overview. [The video] is a nice third-party way to give an overview for new workers,” states Stacey Fantauzzi, Northeast Fire Protection Systems Inc., Burnt Hills, New York. She continues, “I think it’s great that [this portal] addresses fire sprinkler specific questions and issues instead of just being generalized like what we receive from our insurance company. The information from the broker is helpful, but not necessarily specific. The Safety Portal, however, fills those gaps with fire sprinkler-centered information.”

Whether members are in need of OSHA regulations, workplace safety posters, or even loss statistics to better prepare their staff, AFSA’s Safety Portal helps to make your place of business a safe and compliant one. Because a safer business means better business. Check out all the resources available online at

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