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Confused by Cal Fire-Approved CEUs?

CEUs Explained for Certified California Fire Sprinkler Fitters

Per Title 19, every California certified fitter is required to complete 30 hours of continuing education every three years to maintain their state certification (Sect. 946). According to CAL FIRE, fire sprinkler fitters certified July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020, have until July 1, 2022, to earn their 3.0 continuing education units (CEUs) for renewal.

[Editor’s Note: CAL-FIRE issued Information Bulletin 20-0003 on Fire Sprinkler Fitter Certification (Water-Based Fire Protection) Continuing Education Units on March 30, 2020. Read here.]

CEUs are a unit of measurement in delivering continuing education. It is not a trademarked term, nor is it unique to a particular training provider. It is used by training providers across the globe. The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) offers CEUs with nearly all of its training.

CAL FIRE CEUs are CEUs pre-approved by CAL FIRE. These are specific CEUs as pre-approved by CAL FIRE, and only CAL FIRE-approved CEUs qualify towards fitter certification renewal. 1.0 CAL FIRE CEU equals 10 hours of continued education.

CAL FIRE CEUs must be obtained through a CAL FIRE-approved provider. A complete list of CAL FIRE-approved training providers and pre-approved CEUs can be found on CAL FIRE’s website. AFSA National and two California chapters – Greater Bay Chapter and Southern California – are approved providers. However, it is important to note that not all AFSA seminars are CAL FIRE-approved.  

AFSA California Chapters Can Help

Two of the four AFSA California Chapters – Greater Bay Chapter and Southern California – offer CAL FIRE-approved CEUs, and they can help you and your employees get the credit you need before the deadline. Contact your local chapter for more information:
• Greater Bay Area –
• Sacramento Valley –
• San Diego –
• Southern California –

AFSA is Bringing the Training to You

AFSA National has several CAL FIRE-approved courses. These courses are offered in partnership with a California Chapter or as needed for AFSA members. AFSA continues to add more courses to this initial list of approved training. To search for CAL FIRE-approved events, visit the Events page of the AFSA website,

When AFSA National delivers training, as a national training provider, it awards general CEUs—not necessarily CAL FIRE-approved CEUs. When AFSA National delivers state-specific training, requiring pre-approval by the State, it will specify the State approval information. Therefore, when AFSA National delivers CAL FIRE-approved CEUs, AFSA will specify “CAL FIRE-approved” in the training announcements and registration process. For more information, contact AFSA’s Education Department via email at or via phone at (214) 349-5965.

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